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Transformation Tales and Inspiring Stories of Cadence Indoor Cycling members.


“If it doesn’t challenge you it will never change you”.

I cannot disagree to this saying.Another important thing I learnt in my journey of transformation from 67kgs to 55.5 kgs is that Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself! Choosing the right kind of exercise and a healthy diet and moreover execution of these 2 with consistency and dedication is the key.

I used to do spinning before because some unavoidable circumstances i had to take a break but from last year I have again started Spinning,
I must agree that Spinning at Cadence Indoor Cycling played a very imp role in this journey of fat to fit.

Its an amazing form of cardio and a perfect workout for fat loss.

- Ashwini Marathe

From last few years I was irregular for my workout and my lifestyle was also not healthy.

In that period I gained tremendous weight, approximately 15kg , also started facing a lot health problems because my lifestyle but last year I decided to transform and joined Cadence Indoor Cycling.

That decision resulted into amazing changes in my overall health and lifestyle. With the qualified instructors my journey toward fitness goals became more easier.

Within 1.5 years I lost 13kg only with the help of Spinning and proper diet.

I will recommend everyone to join Cadence Indoor Cycling to achieve their fitness goals.

- Chirag Kunjir

I used to play Badminton and had to suffer from a knee injury. That was the period I gained a lot of weight.

Then after a gap of 3 years , I joined Cadence again and it was amazing to be back. I can not feel the knee injury anymore because of the professional Spinning Cycles at Cadence Indoor Cycling. Spinning helped me with 8 kgs of Fat loss in 5 months. The facilities are just too good and well maintained Spinning Cycles. The instructors are really well trained and conduct the batches professionally.

Special thanks to Gaurav Kunte and his team for keeping us motivated to achieve fitness goals. Well done Cadence Indoor Cycling !! Keep up the good work of making people fit !!

- Sandeep Dravid


Being a Pilates and a personal trainer I was looking for a class to take care of my cardio routine.

Spinning is a great way to burn fat without any impact on the joints hence eliminating the risk of any injuries.

Spinning at Cadence Indoor Cycling is a fun routine for me now and I feel energized after every class.

Gaurav and his team are well equipped with a strong knowledge base towards exercise science. Add to that some great music, a club vibe and it gives a fun, effective cardio workout.

It has helped me achieve my fitness goals and I look forward to every class.

- Swapna Gadgil

I never imagined myself to be someone who’d regularly wake up early for workouts or stick to a specific class.

But it’s been an absolutely amazing journey with Cadence Indoor Cycling so far! I love the feel after every class and look forward to it every week specially for the positive vibe that there is.

The weekly routine has also been a great change mentally in a lot of positive ways

- Kautuka Gandhi

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