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Cadence Indoor Cycling has evolved over its illustrious journey of 12 years, training over 10,000 people in this period. 

Currently, we have a strength of 750+ active members riding across two of our studios in Pune City! 

Our expert instructors continue to motivate riders in every batch, may it be a Monday morning 6 am starter, or a Saturday evening 7pm weekender! Irrespective of the day or time, it’s only cheers and thumps and claps that reverberate in the studio. And that’s exactly the culture we have been trying to build since day one, that of fun, enthusiasm, and exhilaration.

That’s the simple story of Cadence Indoor Cycling! A story that’s all about believing in pushing limits, striving for betterment, and evolving as a Spinning® member who not just loves, but also deeply understands this unique form of cycling workout!


With our Pune city evolving as a fitness hub, it’s necessary for any brand to carve a niche for themselves in the field. As a member of the fitness industry, it’s only your body of work, your satisfied member community, and your results that speak for you and encourage people to continue their association with you.

As for Cadence Indoor Cycling, we pride ourselves on being an Official Spinning® Centre, meaning that we provide the best-in-class indoor cycling experience to our members, not just in Pune, but pan India. And it all starts with ensuring that our equipment is nothing less than world-class.

We have the most premium range of Spinning® bikes that are maintained by a team of experts to allow riders a smooth, glitch-free riding experience. Then of course, our super-awesome instructors!

Our team includes some of India’s most recognized Spinning® certified trainers from Madd Dogg Athletics, a global organization that trains Spinning® instructors, among other specializations.

These trainers conduct exclusive Spinning® batches across all 3 of our Spinning® Studios – in the areas of Kothrud and Senapati Bapat Road.

Their expertise, experience, energy, and knowledgeable guidance are the backbone of Cadence Indoor Cycling, and is what makes us one of the most respected studios in the fitness community.

Last but certainly not the least – our two co-owners! Mr. Gaurav Kunte and Mr. Sujit Lavalekar , who spearhead this Spinning® revolution, are counted amongst the best in the business. 

With years of experience and satisfied members to vouch for them, they have established themselves as one of the best fitness centres in Pune, and are still our members’ favourite instructors for any batch! They have been presenters of Spinning® bikes for India, and have showcased their expertise on national and international platforms!

So, that’s pretty much the crux of what Cadence Indoor Cycling offers.

For more, you’ll have to join us for a batch!


The Spinning® program was founded by endurance road cyclists and their desire to bring that authentic cycling experience indoors. With this idea at the core, Cadence Indoor Cycling was established 12 years ago in Pune as an Official Spinning® Centre. The aim, since that day, has always been to offer members a premium indoor cycling experience that would be at par with international standards.
Our super-fun one-hour batches are designed by certified instructors to deliver quick results and instil a sense of community among riders pedalling to the same beats! The workouts are a perfect combination of various riding techniques, challenging riders to push the limits. We also offer personal training for members, where the rider’s posture, intensity, and heart rate zone is closely monitored by instructors. From overall endurance building to targeted muscle strengthening, each batch attempts to take members closer to their fitness goals. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, Spinning® can help you achieve your targets, if you are willing to offer your wholehearted dedication and persistence.

The exhaustive range of benefits that Spinning® offers can be described in brief as: –

  • Improves health of your heart through intensive cardio
  • Improves skeletal muscle strength
  • Helps build a lean muscle definition
  • Reduces your body’s fat percentage by burning 800-900 calories per session
  • Decreases resting heart rate & recovery time

Well, those are just a few! With the right motivation to commit to regular Spinning® sessions, you can explore a multitude of other health benefits too, and give yourself a never before body that’s healthy, happy, and full of energy!

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