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At Cadence Indoor Cycling, we aim to contribute to the growth of the Spinning® community, to raise awareness and build interest among people about this unique form of fitness. We thus extend a range of services to members of the fitness fraternity, our patrons, and anybody who takes keen interest in holistic wellness.

Spinning® Centres

We operate 3 fully functional and well-equipped Spinning® Centres across Pune city, in Kothrud and Senapati Bapat Road.

We conduct regular morning and evening batches at all three studios facilitated by our team of Madd Dogg Athletics Certified instructors. All our studios offer a variety of membership plans designed for different durations to allow members to join based on their convenience.

Our instructors offer superior guidance during batches, and happily guide members with their secret fitness tips during pre and post batch breaks!

Providing Spinning® Service across India

Under Cadence Indoor Cycling, we provide Spinning® services pan India. We offer our instructors’ expertise in conducting batches of large rider strength at various locations across the country.

We provide guidance and support for various Spinning® events, and willingly offer on-ground assistance during the execution phase.

Society Gym Set-up

Looking to set up a well-equipped gym for your society?

We are there to walk you through it. From equipment procurement, to layout and safety, our highly qualified team takes care of end-to-end gym set-ups for societies.

Coaching for Spinning® Instructors

Love the sport, and want to be on the other side of it? Want to transform yourself from a rider into an instructor?

We’ve got some really cool instructors to help you join the gang! Our most experienced Spinning® instructors are trainers themselves, and offer their coaching services to train you to be one of them.

From theoretical knowledge to batch facilitation, they’re here to teach you everything from the basic to the finer details!

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