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Spinning at CADENCE Indoor Cycling

At Cadence Indoor Cycling, we are here to inspire and challenge you to stay fit amid the rising infection. Spinning is long known to help people drop pounds. This intense indoor cycling literally burns up to 600 to 800 calories. Not only will you be working up a sweat, you’ll also strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, core and gluteal group.

We have the best in-class bikes that deliver the feel of a real road bike, top-notch instructors to keep a check on exactly how many calories are burnt and to guide you and licensing agreement that makes us an Official Spinning Facility. So, apart from focusing on fit lower body, we have scientifically designed workouts that release feel-good chemicals in the brain and end up inspiring what many call it a ‘healthy addiction’ to cycling classes. This literally takes you to a guest-list for ‘Sweat and Burn Cals’ party!

Spinning builds your strength and improves your cardiovascular health. It is actually a total body workout working especially on all major muscle groups. All this is feasible here at Cadence Indoor Cycling as our top-notch instructors pay personal heed towards our members helping them to experience all the benefits. The Spinning Energy Zones are the foundation of the program.

We have designed our rides with the five most important Energy Zones:

  1. Endurance Energy Zone
  2. Strength Energy Zone
  3. Interval Energy Zone
  4. Race Day Energy Zone
  5. Recovery Energy Zone

Great music is one of the things that makes indoor cycling classes. The right song can give you the push you need to climb to the top of a hill or sprint for 20 seconds longer. It’s a place where members can share their rock & pop music playlists and create a club-like atmosphere which will land in pedaling on to the beats. Beyond the elements of competition and motivation, working out with friends can be fun. The benefits of exercise are widely known however, it can be overlooked how beneficial it can be to combine exercise with socializing, offering you a golden chance to catch up and have fun along with boosting your physical and mental health at the same time. To help support proper muscles and nerves function when you are exercising with friends, we recommend you to try a session with us at Cadence Indoor Cycling.


If we are of good service and use, perhaps one day we will be admired nation-wide no less as one of the most acclaimed voices of spinning instructors. We invite you to help us get there.